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Openplan Staircases Page 2

Right - This is a Beech Openplan staircase with our european
style handrail.
The staircase has twin riser safety bars (Stainless Steel).
This staircase is going to be positioned away from any walls
and has handrails to all sides.

The balusters are drilled directly into the handrail and the strings
removing the need for any brackets etc.

Openplan winder staircase
    Beech open double winder staircase

With the European style handrail we can create curves in the
handrail that follow the line of the stair strings.


The material specification is :-

Strings - 40mm Engineered Beech
Treads - 40mm Engineered Beech

Oak open riser winder staircase

Left - This is a Oak Openplan staircase with a single riser safety bar.

This staircase has a more traditional handrail system with Square newels and
Square balusters.

The Newel posts on this staircase are 90mm square and the Balusters are
32mm square.

The profile on the handrail is our Standard SHR profile.

  Oak open riser double turn staircase  
Below - The European Style Handrail on a Beech Openplan Staircase with Twin Riser Bars.
Winder staircase with european style handrail